School Closing? Top 5 Things To Do On a Snow Day

You’re getting ready to go to take your children to school but outside your kitchen window you can see that the snow is falling heavily. The children are starting to smell the possibility of a snow day in the air. In the case of a school closing, you have a long “To Do” list and the thought of having to stay at home fills you will a little bit of trepidation. How will you get everything done and entertain your children at the same time? Then the group text message arrives confirming your suspicions – “Interstate 15 is closed today due to a winter storm. Please keep your children safe at home until further notice.” The snow showers have presented you with a beautiful opportunity to spend quality time with your little loved ones (and your teens) to make some special memories. Your brain is racing at a hundred miles an hour to find the ideal options for maximum fun.

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