New Text Messaging Feature Is Finally Here!

We are excited to announce the release of our new SMS text messaging feature! With the ability to send voice and text, we are confident Call-Em-All will be your go-to group communication tool.  You can now send a text message to all of your contacts online or directly from your phone.  The price for text is the same as voice! You will now be able to use message credits for both voice and text.  With the unlimited calling plans you will now be able to purchase message credits to use for text (look for monthly text plans in the future). The following are some of the highlights of our new text messaging service:

Call-em-all bullet Create your own custom "join" keywords
Call-em-all bullet Opt-in via our SMS short code - 292929
Call-em-all bullet Send a text broadcast online or directly from your phone
Call-em-all bullet View/Manage your text broadcast replies w/ "inbox" feature

Check out the following videos:

If you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback - please let us know.  Also, if you would like a personal demo of our new text messaging service, call us anytime, 877.226.3080!

The Call-Em-All Team



We help staffing, religious, education, property management, healthcare and other organizations share important info with our automated messaging service.

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