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Ron Kinkade

Ron Kinkade is the Director of Marketing at Call-Em-All, an automated calling and group texting company that provides solutions for small and medium sized businesses, large corporations, membership organizations, community groups, and individuals. Ron has more than 15 years of experience with a proven track record of success. Ron is a graduate of Illinois State University.
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FellowshipOne Church Management Software Integration Updated

We've been helping religious groups since we opened our doors 13 years ago. We're proud to help thousands of churches communicate important messages to their members every day. Our integration with church management software Fellowship One has been in place for a long time but it's been awhile since we updated any features. Today, we're happy to announce we have updated our integration with Fellowship One in order to allow our customers to access "people lists" within the software.

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Unlimited 1-to-1 Texting & New Look For Settings

Over the past several months, we've been introducing new sections of our app, and today we're releasing our biggest update of the year which includes Unlimited 1-to-1 Texting and an updated look for User Settings.

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Why We Are Passionate About Our Company Culture

Over the years the founding partners and the Call-Em-All team have worked vigorously to create and instill a GREAT company culture. So what does having a great culture really mean? We define culture as creating a company that develops a more meaningful experience for customers and inspires employees to come to work happy. I think it’s safe to say that we have succeeded. I challenge anyone to walk through our office and find someone who isn't passionate, motivated, and excited about the work they are doing. In fact, our Founder and President, Brad is passionate about telling the team to notify him immediately if they ever dread coming into the office. We all doubt this will ever happen.

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Texting 101: The Guide to Understanding Business Text Messaging

You might think you already have a good understanding of text messaging. After all, who doesn't know how to send a text message these days? That being said, business text messaging is a lot more complex. Do you know the difference between a short-code and a long-code? Did you know that you can text from a toll-free number? Do you know the costs, restrictions, and legal risks of each of these methods? When I say business text messaging, I'm not simply referring to how employees communicate with customers or leverage text as a marketing tool. Keep reading, and we'll answer the questions above and help you understand when and where to use text messaging as part of an overall communication strategy.

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Hurricane Harvey Path Leads To Emergency Evacuation Reminders

Hurricane Harvey is turning into a catastrophic rainfall and flood threat. It will likely turn into the nation's first Category 3 landfall in almost 12 years as it makes landfall over the Texas Gulf Coast. Dangerous flooding from the storm-surge and strong winds could leave parts of the area uninhabitable for extended periods of time. At Call-Em-All we take pride in being able to provide a valuable service that helps so many people communicate during an emergency.

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Call-Em-All's automated messaging service allows you to send a voice broadcast, group text, or both to every phone number on your list. Clients include Amazon, Siemens, BBB, YMCA, San Antonio Spurs, Avon, and Syracuse University.

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