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Jonathan Melton

Jonathan Melton is a member of the Customer Experience team at Call-Em-All, an automated calling and group texting company that provides solutions for small and medium sized businesses, large corporations, membership organizations, community groups, and individuals. Jonathan’s responsibility since joining the team in 2015 has been the education and on-boarding of new users. Jonathan is a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio.
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Hey Spammers! Don't Try it With Call-Em-All

Spam calls suck.

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking something like: “Um… What? You’re a robocaller, Jon. You’re the problem!” Here’s the thing though, Call-Em-All is actually the Captain America of the mass communication industry. We stand for good and fight the bad (Pst! Check out our Manifesto if you don’t believe me).

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Text Conversations vs Mass Texting - Which Is Better?

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Nobody on the Call-Em-All team ever thought Uncle Ben’s words to Peter Parker would apply to our work, but SURPRISE! That’s the exact mindset that comes with leading the industry charge for automated text messaging.

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Skipping and Repeating Improvements

Skipping and repeating used to be one of our more common support issues. This was a problem that customers experienced on our platform in the past. This recent feedback is a good example of what we used to hear from customers.

"We have had frequent problems with the message starting midway through, or having too long a pause before the message starts which causes people to hang up before hearing the message, or having repetitions/stuttering. I haven't heard complaints lately so perhaps the system has improved."

The last line of that feedback is what I want to talk about today. We want to share what we've done to address this problem for our customers.

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Call-Em-All's Secret War on SPAM

“Hello. Jonathan.” Every monotone, computerized voice call coming to my phone always starts the same. “You owe the IRS money, but don’t forget to call us to receive the large sum of money that you’ve just inherited. Also, don’t forget to vote for candidate Y this election season.” Indeed, that is the greatest hits of the pestering robocall SPAM that me, my colleagues, and chances are high that you too have the privilege of receiving time and time again.

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Short Code v. Long Code: Why the Difference Matters

Modern society is riddled with rules and guidelines. As one would expect, the automated broadcasting industry is no different, especially in the realm of texting. To the uninitiated, a long code text message is one that is communicated using a standard 10-digit phone number. A short code text message is one that is communicated using a 5- to 6-digit phone number. You’ve probably seen these when you sign up for your favorite restaurant’s text notifications. There’s a reason why both exist, and it turns out that it actually matters which one you’re using!

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Call-Em-All's automated messaging service allows you to send a voice broadcast, group text, or both to every phone number on your list. Clients include Amazon, Siemens, BBB, YMCA, San Antonio Spurs, Avon, and Syracuse University.

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