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Introducing Text Message Opt-Outs Using Machine Learning

When your well intentioned mass text lands in the wrong mailbox you can face a barrage of replies that range from the polite to the profane. Many people reply to the text with a simple request to be removed from the list, but they fail to use the “STOP” response, or another defined keyword, which triggers an opt-out. This means they will continue to get more unwanted texts fueling their frustration. Using machine learning, we’re trying to make this a thing of the past.

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Skipping and Repeating Improvements

Skipping and repeating used to be one of our more common support issues. This was a problem that customers experienced on our platform in the past. This recent feedback is a good example of what we used to hear from customers.

"We have had frequent problems with the message starting midway through, or having too long a pause before the message starts which causes people to hang up before hearing the message, or having repetitions/stuttering. I haven't heard complaints lately so perhaps the system has improved."

The last line of that feedback is what I want to talk about today. We want to share what we've done to address this problem for our customers.

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The Best Products Are The Ones You Use Yourself

After months of hard work, our team recently released our most requested feature: Transfer & Connect. Transfer & Connect allows recipients of an automated call the opportunity to be transferred to a live agent in your office for immediate connection by pressing ‘0’ on their keypad.

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Announcing Transfer & Connect Feature

Today we are excited to announce what we call Transfer & Connect. This new broadcast feature allows your call recipients to be transferred directly to a number of your choosing - whether it be your cell phone, your desk, office or even a call center. Don't worry about your limited capacity to take calls, we can throttle your broadcast based on your available inbound lines to ensure you can handle the transferred calls.

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Announcing Church Management Software Integrations

We are really excited to announce that we have been working with several popular church management software providers to bring their membership management tools to be accessed within Call-Em-All. This feature is a direct result of the survey which so many of our church customers filled out. The overwhelming response was great to see and allowed us to really see how our church customers are using Call-Em-All in greater detail and work to improve our church user experiences.

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Call-Em-All's automated messaging service allows you to send a voice broadcast, group text, or both to every phone number on your list. Clients include Amazon, Siemens, BBB, YMCA, San Antonio Spurs, Avon, and Syracuse University.

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