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The Secret Behind Hiring 16 Million Temporary Workers

Imagine this scenario: a big client calls at the last minute and needs to fill numerous positions in all different areas of the company within the next week. You are tasked with the job of contacting thousands of potential candidates in a relatively short period of time. It can be difficult to find, recruit, and train thousands of people in such a short window of time. Imagine how long it would take a staffing firm to call thousands of workers. Not only do these firms help numerous companies with their marketing, interviewing, training, and employee scheduling, especially during the busy holiday season - but they are helping with a vital part of our economy. How do they do it year after year?

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Are There Good Robocalls?

In early January, the Federal Trade Commission busted a major robocall scam in Florida that had been going on since 2012. The scammers were violating the “do not call” list and posing as Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents, demanding that taxpayers either make immediate payments or risk jail and deportation. Over seventy arrests were made and more than 750 people were detained in this ongoing investigation. Just this week, a new "Can you hear me now?" robocall scam has made national headlines. Voice broadcasting is a great way to communicate with your group, but here are some key principles to remember.

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Your Essential Emergency Notification Tools

None of us like to imagine that we will ever face a dire emergency. It’s in our nature to be optimistic and hope for the best. Bad things happen to other people, on other continents, not in our backyard. Although we have countless examples of horrific things happening just around the corner we place our blinkers on and go about our day, immune to the possibility of any disasters befalling us. On the other hand, one doesn’t want to live in total fear of the worst things that could happen and end up hiding under our beds forever. We need to find a happy balance where we are at least prepared for scenarios where a clear head and a specific set of useful steps could save lives.

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New Customer Portal Design

We don't get many complaints about our service, but we did feel like it was time to update the visual design of our customer portal. Starting today, you'll notice some changes.

Rest assured, the changes we are releasing today are only basic design and styling changes. These improvements will make it easier on the eyes as you navigate the portal. More importantly, these changes are a stepping stone to a bigger redesign of the entire customer application that will be released in the coming months.

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How Technology Has Changed the Church Phone Tree

We’ve always had reason to communicate quickly with many people, over vast distances. In the very distant past we sent important messages through the forests by whistling, or over mountain ranges by yodeling. The daily news could be spread using a kind of drumming Morse code. Impending danger warnings were delivered via smoke signals or carrier pigeons. Fortunately, over time, group communications evolved to a more effective vehicle for disseminating information with the “phone tree.”

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Call-Em-All's automated messaging service allows you to send a voice broadcast, group text, or both to every phone number on your list. Clients include Amazon, Siemens, BBB, YMCA, San Antonio Spurs, Avon, and Syracuse University.


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